Idiotic Narcissists

Jennifer Casula, one of the next up & coming… ermm….

The self imposed female isolation continued this week, & the attrition is hilariously in full effect. With women unable to justify why they’d continue to see someone who isn’t giving them the attention they’re getting from elsewhere, their head starts to turn & someone else enters the frame in your position. Remember, you’re playing a role. Filling a gap in their narcissistic little universe. Women place the concept of ‘being loved’ over anything else, which is why they can be very open to sex with other people. It’s only when they think about things, that the rational mind starts to kick in, which is why one should never propose anything sexual to a girl in direct terms. Get her in the situation which will practically be the same  & that will be that.

One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard & incorporated into my life, is the importance of judging people by their actions, rather than what they say. It’s become laughably easy to stir up a psychological bees nest in the middle of their ‘holier than thou’ performance they call their day to day life, & before you know it they’ve become so intrigued by this exciting lone wolf, they’ve imagined you to be the best fuck in the world & just ‘have’ to find out. Make some obvious but understood ruse to get them into privacy, & before you know it you’re banging someone else’s girlfriend / wife.

Of the few male friends with whom I share these types of experiences with, I am not judged but understandably queried as to if I feel any sort of guilt around what I do. The simple answer to that is ‘not in the slightest’. This has occured (the woman fucking someone else) in what I estimate to be about seventy five percent of relationships these days; not on an ongoing basis necessarily but certainly for a ‘one off’ or somesuch. It’s increasingly rare to find any couple entirely happy with their situation, because I believe we are regressing to our base instincts as the influence of religion wanes & is replaced by the consumerist ‘take as much as you can’ mentality. Anyone with even a bit of sense will see this has the double benefit of not only increasing corporate sales, but also dividing people ever further, as idiots speak up for their chosen merchandise as though they are paid lobbyists for the company themselves. This diseased mentality pervades modern relationships, as the tempting call of something more always echoes in the ears of the stupid; them never satisfied with their lot. There’s always someone who understands them better, someone who is a better lover, someone who has a bigger dick & so on. But inevitably they get burnt & then pragmatism starts to kick in. Women compartmentalise men to serve their needs, providing there’s no risk. They effectively use men as tools to service their needs, said needs of which take presedence over anyone else. This obviously includes their long term partner but at the bottom of the pile is of course the compartmentalised man; more often referred to as the ‘lover’ or whatever localised terminology is preferred there.

It’s actually even gone beyond that now, where some girls (particularly the one’s who are attractive & appear approachable, or who have a lot of provocative pictures over a large social media presence) don’t even compartmentalise by person, but by role. Once a woman has taken that first step over the line of cheating on her partner, then something inside her realises the possibilities. The ‘seal’ of fidelity is broken & suddenly, all being safely undiscoverable, she creates a space for a lover in her life. The only thing holding her back is the risk of her losing everything, as despite the voracious third wave of feminism advocating equal rights & ceaselessly reminding us of how independant women now are, most women are quite happy to be provided for & exist under the wing of someone else.

But assuming she feels confident there will be no risk to her baseline of her otherwise wholesome home life, she won’t think twice about fucking someone else. And then go home & do the same with her partner. So no, I don’t feel guilty in the slightest, that I use these bitches for what they’re worth. If anything, I only struggle with how my needs conflict with the one person I actually care about, who regular readers will know who that is.

Bear in mind throughout this piece, I am talking from experience through observing actions, rather than what is said. I don’t write inflammatory pieces just to get prime position on a manosphere aggregator, or inflate accounts of what I’ve done, do or will do just to paint an illusionary picture of how the world is. I write what I write based on personal experiences, in situations I myself have observed or more often, been in myself in order to try to open the eyes of my less experienced fellow man. Take heed should you wish, or jump in yourself. Just be careful not to drown when the tides become more aggressive than you expected. Swimming among the rougher seas might be more exciting when the waves take you to heights you might have never seen otherwise, but they hit just as hard when you’re on the way down.

That foreboding warning out of the way though, & in fact my life is pretty good right now. Taking a two week break from anyone gave me a lot more time to get on top of a few things & I certainly was more productive. About three to four of the girls I was seeing have dropped off for whatever reason, which is great as I feel I’ve ‘cleared the decks’ & can either start afresh or in fact just fuck them off & concentrate on myself. If I choose to replenish, I’ll defintely be taking the non-specific level of commitment to (generally considered to be) single women, whereby I’ll go through the motions a bit & tell them let’s ‘not put a name on things’ so it all goes ahead smoothly until they get bored. For the one’s who have a husband or boyfriend, the more direct approach will be taken, where I tell them I’m disceet & only interested in what they’re only interested in.

Or maybe, just maybe, I won’t do anything at all & forget about all the idiots & be content with what I have…

~ Unjaded

The Culling

Samantha Grimes, someone who actually does something rather than just banging people. But a female bodybuilder; devisive… Would you?

A week & a half ago, I again bid farewell to Venezuelan after a great weekend together. Following her departure, I had no desire to meet any other women. Even the one’s who were in theory willing to turn up, fuck me & leave again, were unappealing. It is hayfever season, where because of the sun & me generally being dosed up on hayfever tablets reduces my desire to meet women outside (for seem to be obsessed with the sun). I had a great weekend with Venezuelan as mentioned, which while is not the direct attributable reason behind me not wanting to see anyone else, was certainly a contributing factor. If nothing else, she has raised my bar in women noticably. When you have a beautiful girl who does her best to be a genuine person, please & accomodate you, & is indeed externally as well as internally beautiful, irrespective of if you choose to be faithful or not it changes your perception. I can understand how people who’ve been married for many years to someone who they felt very much in love with, only for it to turn sour over time must feel. Any heights of euphoria may well be out of reach after a lifetime of experiences starts to push your boundaries beyond what they were. Such is one of the symptoms of ageing I guess.

Additionally though, while I have complained greatly of my locale for the last two years, I have to reiterate it really is one of the most dire places I’ve ever been.  As mentioned above, on one hand you have someone who is showing you truly what you can be a part of & how a woman should be, & on the other side you have examples worse than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Literally, any man would start to question himself in an environment such as this. While there are attractive women here, they seem to be incredibly unfriendly or open to anything. On top of that, you have what I can only describe as an ‘errored’ personality here. At best, you might be able to start up a polite conversation but even getting to that point is laughably difficult. Most conversations, you’re there trying to create a theme of conversation & you feel as though there’s no sexuality whatsoever. In other countries, even if the woman isn’t interested in you then you’ll at least get a little bit of back & forth between you both. Here, it’s like the exchange of information is the only concievable reason they can comprehend as to why you might have started a conversation with them.

I think also that the quality of women here is also dreadful, to the point where half of them aren’t even attractive or attempting to be feminine. It seems like a global epidemic now that women are deciding not to be attractive or feminine, & my aforementioned experiences & feelings I mentioned here led me to wonder; is this the logical endgame of third wave feminism?

Here & to a slightly lesser extent in other European & westernised countries, there is no sexuality. No chemistry. No feeling of life in the people. With the exception of the few friends I have here, I literally feel like I’m in the Truman Show or The Matrix sometimes. I’ve never seen a society so utterly afraid of offending or speaking up against someone. It’s like political correctness has overtaken everything, & as a result everything that once made life fun; making love, making mistakes, expressing yourself truly through artistic medium becomes unacceptable for whatever reason. Those forms of expression become filtered, as everyone starts to fear reprimand from the unknown hive mind that manifests itself mostly on the internet.

As a result, I’ve literally let natural attrition (not bothering to maintain contact mainly, as most of them seem incapable of initiating a conversation) take it’s way & cut off basically all of the girls I was seeing. I simply have no interest at the moment, & most things seem like a better way to spend time & effort.

There was a terrorist attack in the UK last week, as no doubt anyone reading this will be aware of. I deleted my Facebook account long ago & am regularly getting closer to deleting my few remaining online profiles too, but Zan brought to my attention how most people’s response to the attack, was to change their Facebook status or profile picture.

How fucking pathetic, & indicative of the issues facing Western society today. With religion long fallen in most of these countries, there no longer remains a means of control or regulation. And by regulation, I mean a measure of how to moderate oneself. Instead, we are subjected to what should be the most free medium (the internet) becoming the enabler of consumerism. Everyone I know is struggling with every day life, but I look on Instagram & everyone appears to be rolling in money & demonstrating how talented / rich / succesful they are. Would anyone in their right mind truly advertise online how successful they have been financially for example, if they are truly financially successful? Theoretically, they are opening themselves to complete ruin. You’re giving anyone all the information they need to take any or all of that away.

But coming back to the main point, we are experiencing the degeneration of people. I have no particular desire to have children but if I did, there’d be absolutely no way I’d raise them in a Western country. The newer generations that inhabit these countries are utterly useless for the most part. ‘Fake it until you make it’ was the key phrase for a generation able to promote themselves far greater than their actual level in life by simple utilising the internet to paint a false picture of themselves.

And as a man, women come very much into this picture. Generally the less likely sex that will truly specialise in something & become a true expert, this also comes across in their personalities. Alongside not being friendly, younger women especially are also practically unable to hold a normal conversation by way of not having educated themselves beyond what has been fed to them or whatever is the popular view. Nothing is taken in, in depth. The age of communication & technology gave birth to a generation defined by distraction & idiocy. Not knowing about certain subjects is normal for any person but to act in a rude, false or even agressive way is never acceptable. Men have been painted as useless & otherwise equal to women for so long now, that it’s been indoctrinated into an entire generation. Now, barely any women feels the need to impress herself upon any man, because the value of dating was far higher. I can even remember when women used to do things to attract a man. I’m getting older but I feel as though I’m still a reasonably good looking person who (much more importantly)  knows game very well. And since being here, I cannot remember a single time a woman tried to promote herself to me. I am old enough to remember when women actually placed a lot of value on the prospect of being dated by a man. Now, it’s utterly throwaway & sex is subconsciously treated as a reward.

A line I read very recently was ‘if you instead put a dick on most women these days, you’d be utterly interested & not remotely tolerate any of their shit’. And it’s true. I’m all up for true equal rights, which in most forms exists anyway today. But listen hard when I say girls, that you may feel a little special by virtue of that which exists between your legs but for a lot of you, aside from that you offer very, very little at all.

~ Unjaded


Amanda Cerny, showing us her main attributes on offer.

Organization, order, orderliness, planning, regulation & logicality; some of the synonyms presented when looking in the dictionary for ‘efficiency’ – not typically a word one might associate with game. But of those synonyms, the last one ‘logicality’ has come to the forefront of my mind in recent days. Whereas one might allow emotions to be swayed by the company of another, I believe either maturity or more cynically, skepticism brings us to a point where we become quite logical about our sexual or relationship decisions & motivations.

Whereas once upon a time I was unquestionable a slave to my emotions when I was interested in a girl, she was interested in me or I was in relationship with her (when I was Jaded, there wasn’t any other ways except feeling obliged to persue a relationship following any interaction), nowadays things are quite different. The act of having sex with someone literally means nothing to me, aside from the physical pleasure. While I welcome & enjoy emotional involvement with a longer term partner with understood bounderies, having sex with them doesn’t have any effect on how I feel about them whatsoever. In many ways, it’s like I’ve purged myself of false emotional weakness brought on through sex; something which women can become adapt to quite easily. Some (typically Western influenced women, who can’t stand the idea of a liberated man) might say this is sad, as I don’t get any emotional fulfilment from sex. I actually think quite the opposite, as I’m not able to make logical decisions about who I allow myself to become emotionally involved with. It’s a new level of control over oneself. One might say, even a stoical standpoint, ready to deal with any eventuality. It doesn’t mean I’m bereft of emotions. Only that I am in control of them. Much in the same way women view that ‘loving someone’ is of more importance over fucking someone & so that substantiates them sleeping with another man outside their marriage as ‘OK’, I am prepared to react to any development. I suppose one could assume this a benefit from previously having to recover from hitting the bottom.

Until now however, my actions have only been mostly reactive – meeting with people based on not wanting them to leave the harem. But as we’ve seen, maintaining a harem is very hard work & even then, with high quality women it could be any time when one of them meets someone else & off she goes.

Last week was a long holiday for the year, which always provides an excellent opportunity to gain perspective on the state of play in one’s life. While I have come some way to achieving a life others may be envious of, I do believe we all have choice & attribute my situation to that choice. You choose what to do or not do, what risks to take & how you react to adversity or opportunity. I realised during the downtime of the holiday that I had only really been reactive & also allowed my personal hang ups to affect my behaviour in my locale. Whereas in my previous central European state I had been an almighty monster of sex, attacking upon all fronts, I have let my apprehension of language & culture in my new central European state affect how I acted & have been. Since abandoning my attempts to learn the local language, I now just resort to English alongside some fundamentals in the local language. In addition, I just be myself – not placing upon myself the mantal of a suppressed expat. Not constantly messaging girls I’ve got in the harem in the fear they might stray elsewhere, but embracing the variety & new time. I have plenty to occupy myself & believe I have been underestimating myself also. The elements that led to phenomenal direct approach results are still there & my mentality has prevented me from seeing indicators of interest, even in an emotionally surpressed place such as this.

Despite these limitations, I have still amassed a considerable amount of new experiences since being here & continue to do so. However I now am allowing them to slide away naturally. No longer will I be firing off messages in the morning to psychologically condition some sort of dependancy upon my presence or attention, nor keeping them in my life any longer than needed. This week already I have prompted Singaporean to step away by suggesting it would be difficult to see her regularly, to which she responded she’d like to close this chapter & just be friends. I directly propositioned a woman from Kazahkstan to be lovers, to which she declined & I said no worries – then deleted her number. BalletDancer no longer seems to be up for anything after almost eighteen months of sleeping together, so it is so. I saw both Tunisian this week & FilipinoHostess this week, but won’t see them again. They’ve done nothing wrong (except the latter relentlessly trying to manoeuvre things into relationship activities, like ‘going for a walk’ –  can think of about fifty other things I’d rather be doing), but the time has come to make space for others.

And this is the ‘logical’ part of efficiency; there are a lot of girls here I want to get down with. These range from attractive older divorcees, to some of the girls in my gym – that’s right, I said ‘some’. I have no intention of doing things by halves any longer. Previously I claimed to have newly adopt a systemic approach to sleeping with women & that has paid off some dividends but I’ve got trapped by my own insecurities in letting some of them slide away. Currently the harem is as below, not including those I mentioned already above:

SPC: Nice & easy, & seems to have accepted the status quo. Will remain an actual friend in any case, but do enjoy the occasional bit of action with her. Still a mega hottie.

Portuguese: Seemingly in a miserable & sexless relationship; had the ‘best sex of her life’ with me last time, which apparently was her last time. Given that her boyfriend sounds like a prick, wouldn’t actually surprise me. Will stay at least a friend but somehow very attracted to her, it’s mutual & her relationship keeps her off my case generally.

USIndian: Large eyed & breasted Indian girl who I’ve met a few times now. Incredibly hot & moving away in a month or so. Nothing sexual has happened yet but going to make a move tonight. If she doesn’t put out tonight, then she’ll be dropped.

SerbianLady: Very cool & friendly older woman who will soon inevitably start pushing for a relationship, but will sleep with her at least once more & then say ‘I’m not ready for a relationship’ yet, which is my usual go to line to manage expectations. Then it’ll be one way or another.

SwissArgentinian: Will keep her in the game for a while yet, as she doesn’t bother me at all & is quite happy to turn up, fuck me & go home again. Can’t ask for more than that. Decent person too, & we have great sex.

YoungUkrainian: Not sure what she’s up for, but will meet her next week & go for it. Again, we’ve met several times now so if she’s up for some sex, that’s great. Otherwise, am sure someone else will be.

MarriedIsraeli: Haven’t mentioned her yet I believe, but our interactions went from her offering me a relationship coaching session. Soon after arrival in said session, that turned into us jacking each other off. A few days later, she came to my place to go the whole way. Married eighteen years (of course) & has massive breasts, which honestly is the main reason I like her, as well as the kick of watching in near disbelief as a younger man screws the hell out of her. Obviously not interested in anything more & aside from some ongoing messages, not too much hassle. So still some life in the old girl yet.

Let’s see what happens! Be real, gentlemen.

~ Unjaded

Delay Of Game

Sarah Allen, actually a reasonably typical Australian based on my recent experiences, detailed below…

Yes, you are indeed right if you noted a lack of a post last week. It was because I went to a couple of countries in South East Asia for a holiday & despite my best intentions there were so many things I had to sort out before I left, I didn’t even have time to put together a rough draft.

As for my reasons of not writing something while there, I am left with far less justifications & will instead just have to defer to being lazy. I was also with Venezuelan which somewhat restricted suitable private opportunities to write. But frankly speaking, I was fucking exhausted & needed to get away from everything for a while, only to return with a renewed vigour.

And here we are, rested & ready to share with you my inevitable notes from my second foray into the Asian continent. When I say ‘rested’ however, I do of course refer to my mental state, rather than the physical where I am on my third flight of what has basically been a thirty six hour day. But onward we go!

Thailand. Famous for it’s sex industry, inpressively authentic ladyboys, royal family & kickboxers. As one explores, we are treated to a true cauldron of life, where chaos reigns but someone, life moves forward. Bangkok; a hub for the region & an immense, sprawling behemoth of a city. The recently expired king seemed like a resonably good man (despite it being practically illegal to say otherwise) & one can say he has at the very least managed to instill a tolerance of the numerous drunken fools & sexual parasites that come in their droves to a city that is hungry for any & all of the tourist money.

Thai women can indeed be very beautiful, with the deciding factor often being the nose; either quite bulbous are the more disappointing end of the spectrum or slimmer at the better end. Physically, they are for the most part slim & therefore quite difficult to be seen as ‘ugly’. Those of them who are particularly skilled with applying makeup can almost look perfectly mystical at times, so this is a pretty big factor. Big pretty eyes & a veneration of the foreigner (& my apologies to other ethnic groups but it must be said; particularly the white man), mean this is one of the few places a man from abroad can punch well above his weight. Ultimately however & as with a lot of cultures, money becomes the first & most vital currency in any interaction. That said, it’s still less so than what we have to pay in the West. A mutually beneficial medium if you will.

On to Indonesia & we see what are generally reasonably fine people, with a thirst of that money. I write the next sentence not in a derogatory way to a culture that endeavors to accommodate tourists very well but as a repeated & clear observation; as one ends any interaction such as having a meal or leaving a taxi, you can often see their eyes hungrily looking down at your hands as you arrange your wallet, much in the same way an otherwise loving Labrador suddenly becomes transfixed on nothing else except a treat his petter unexpectedly produces. I do appreciate this income is essential to a country where even the tourist prices are unbelievably low in comparison to say, pretty much any country that uses the Euro or Dollar, but it’s disappointing to feel as though any sort of rapport you may have built with someone, is just ultimately to gouge a little more money out of you; almost as though they’re the joker playing up to the king. I don’t view anyone as lesser or greater than myself (but I do talk a good game if I need to knock someone into line) & so I found this to be a bit upsetting.

As for the girls: I would firstly say they aren’t as naturally beautiful as Japanese or Thai girls, but then I would propose these are the two premium races in Asia. Westernised Japanese girls particularly, are goddamn superb & if they’ve got that trained body I like, sign me on the dotted line. But, Japanese girls are the hardest work. Thai & Indonesian girls are going to be much easier generally, than Japanese. And especially Indonesian girls, because they’re later to the game. While any of my game was safely packed away for a week or so while I honestly enjoyed my boyfriend position like a normal human being for once, I could see there certainly was one or two of the girls I had interacted with with a little spark in their eye when they spoke to me. Had I have been on my own, I would have chanced my skills there & then. In summery, Japanese girls are culturally not conditioned to be open to foreigners or to be open about sex, so despite the clear quality, you can generally expect to be playing some ‘long game’. Thai girls are essentially the same as Indonesian girls, except they’ve had the ‘cool foreigner’ effect considerably diminished thanks to the years of slurring embarrassments degrading themselves there for a number of years now. But what you can do to counter this of course, is what originally was referred to in game as ‘peacocking’; you might wear something very unusual to stand out of the crowd of wherever you are. Nowadays, the ‘crowd’ is the entire general mentality of wherever you happen to find yourself. In Thailand, you can peacock by just not being a drunken prick.

A friend of mine stood as testament to this when he visited some years back. He was propositioned with sex for payment, to which the rest of his group didn’t hesitate from her colleagues. Not being of this nature, my friend respectfully declined & the girl lowered her asking price. When he explained he just wasn’t into paying girls for sex (he later admitted to me it was even less appealing when girls from less wealthy countries were involved too), she was ggenuinely taken aback. As the conversation developed, they became friendly with her offering to take him to her favourite restaurant. No, not for him to pay. She offered to take him for dinner. Yes, she was a sex worker & a beautiful one who was fluent in English too, but that takes nothing away from the gesture. If anything, I would say it adds even more given most people working in sex industry who I’ve met are some of the most cynical about human nature. She offered to show him around on following days & even though he could have done something more with her entirely willing at any time, he didn’t & they remain friends to this day.

Can you even remotely imagine a western woman taking you to dinner these days?? It is 98% certain never to happen to a man.

To conclude, Indonesian women are only now discovering the worlds of Tinder & it’s like casual sex has suddenly become en vogue, much as it did in the same way in the West when it first came about, before it got commoditised. Did you know some girls are now asking for pre-payment to converse with a match on the Tinder? To converse… If you’re one of the idiots fueling this apparent phenomenon, please stop.

I happened to find myself alongside an inept English guy on a Tinder date with a pretty Indonesian girl, while I took Venezuelan out for dinner. Frankly speaking, she’d dressed up for a fucking & all other things being equal, he was punching clearly above his weight. Despite her still remaining & showing interest, he allowed his insecurities to fall into him acting as though he was playing games with a typical Western idiot. While he had sat at the table with her, he was speaking too quickly, pretending to read his phone & various other pointless attempts at psychological games. He was truly inept, but yet by the end she still retained some interest in him.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet. But right now I’m going to Swiss horn it from the nearest rooftop; I honestly think if she was showing me the same level of interest as him, I could’ve had this girl in bed within two hours. Yes, I’m not even going to say ‘the same night’. Straightforwardly, two hours. Any one with advanced game could have done the same.

The current Tinder sex cycle is there. It could be elsewhere too (somewhere like Belarus wouldn’t surprise me) but you’re going to have to go to such places, if you want to meet decent women for any reason. And no, I’m not saying Tinder is the way to find a woman of any quality; quite the opposite in fact. But once it becomes popular, every basic bitch thinks she’s the shit & the whole game gets a lot less interesting.

Book those flights! More to come on my personal situation next week…

~ Unjaded


Jen Seltzer. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t.

The beauty of having an abundance mentality is that you can revel in the glory that is not caring about people moving on. While I am by no means a cold hearted person, I am of course a realist. In all aspects of life, I simply look at the facts underpinning any situation. Anyone who for example, feels the need to rev their car or motorcycle unnecessarily loudly as they trundle past, tied to the lights as much as anyone, is clearly a person who has a deep lying insecurity or inadequacy. Such people are very easy to affect, as all you have to do is isolate what that inadequacy is.

The easiest way to do this is to view your adult life in the same way the dynamics evolve in the school playground. In the USA & UK at least, this is very clear to the hierarchy that naturally develops. Those with inadequacies feel the need to overcompensate in some way; the girl starved of attention elsewhere for whatever reason or who has a low self esteem, will strive to be considered then hottest, dominant or most popular. The child who is clearly behind in the intellectual stakes will impose a physical or intimidatory level of control upon another to compensate.

Typically those examples will reach a logical ending; either ending up pregnant, in prison or destitute if they turn to chemical release. In terms of women, most women even today do harbour some requirements for romantic security in some way. But if they can, typically they will. I’ve lost count of the amount of women I’ve known who are in long term marriages & have not hesitated to cheat on their husband should the sex deteriorate or reduce in frequency for whatever reason. Just this week, a ‘free life coaching lesson’ offered to be, ended up with us jacking each other off in the back room. No, I couldn’t really believe it either but it was plain as day from her body language & the look in her eyes, she wanted it. I could raise the stakes by saying ‘it just happened’, which no doubt would be her excuse should her husband ever find out, but it had all been reaching a head through the messages we had exchanged. So, my conclusion has, & has been for some time, that if a woman can cheat with little or no chance of being caught, she will. I would say these days, this is true for about eighty percent of women. There still are some decent women out there as I’ve often said, but very, very few of them are trustworthy. In fairness, the same can be said for men. But as I’m not in the business myself of fucking men, I don’t care about that. What I do care about, is my own personal gain. And while it is unfortunate in that sometimes a nice girl may not get the level of relationship she is looking for from me, she still gets some great sex & in all honesty, it isn’t all that bad. The BustyKosovan didn’t think twice about dropping me for a hot stone once some other dude came along because she ‘wanted a relationship’, despite her saying she didn’t want anything serious in the beginning, so I was happy to strike while the iron is hot. Effectively my point is, that I struck while the iron was hot, got what I wanted & knew all along that was a distinct possibility.

Right now, I have a admittedly hot Indian girl patiently waiting on me to arrange a time with her to meet. She’s a nice girl & also attractive, but I also have two other girls I’ve been sleeping with who are also hot, & whom I want to continue sleeping with for the foreseeable future. It’s entirely possible the Indian girl will lose patience with me this week, but although we get on very well & she has a superb body, I can already imagine her to be inexperienced & honestly, not very good in bed. Plus, she’s leaving in a matter of weeks. So while someone with an non-abundant attitude may be falling over themselves to impress upon this girl enough so that she will jump into bed with them, I’m quite happy to deprioritise her below these others, because with the others I know exactly what I’m getting, or in the case of once later this week, there’s simply a better girl who I’m at the conversion stage with. I’m not going to say no to a girl fifteen years younger than me who has a tight gym trained body & is hot on any scale.

The abundance mentality is mentally tampered with by a feeling of obligation – this girl made the effort to message me, so perhaps I should do this or that in order to keep her ‘warm’. Or if you’re not running a harem, that you feel as though you couldn’t just sleep with this girl for a while because she’s a ‘nice girl’. But you can. Just be sure to do it well & in the end, she’ll quickly find another man who will be more than happy to take your place – you’ll be nothing more than a happy memory of some dude she once slept with.

This abundance / obligation conflict takes place in all areas of our life, to the point of controlling us completely. One might feel scared to express oneself in a job for fear of losing said job, but as long as what you say is said in an acceptable way & full of facts, it would be hard for one to terminate your position there. And honestly if they do on that basis, they’ll be doing you a favour because you don’t want to be working for people who are so stuck up their own ass, they cannot accept criticism which might improve the situation for everyone. Much in the same way a girl will quickly trade you in for what she perceives as a superior model, simply accept this attrition & look forward to your new free time soon being filled a new model of your own.

~ Unjaded

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Alexandra Lillian, seemingly in need of help finding her bikini top.

Although this may be obvious to veterans of game, this is a blog for all & some of our lesser experienced brethren may not know one of the fundamental aspects of game in today’s ultra competitive attention garnering of females with a view to getting some actual action; is to take advantage of a woman’s infatuation period. As I’ve gone through in more detail long ago on another game blog in my early days, knowing to maintain the interest in the earlier moments is key. The endless stream of attention in your average girls life nowadays means that, while you should never be at her beck & call, in reality you are going to have to maintain some level of at least fake interest in order to get where you want to be; between her legs.

When is the infatuation period? Realistically, it’s going to be somewhat dependent on your game skills. At the very least, game should be used to give the impression your value, is superior to yours. In the early days, your goal to have some level of success is going to be to give that impression to her; that you are superior to her overall. You will need to play to whatever strengths you have in order to maximise that, while in parallel actually working on yourself to raise your actual level. That will benefit in the medium to long term in any case,.

In contrast, a man who has already employed such strategies of self improvement & seen them through, will be very much in the same position. But with more ammunition. The improvements he has made to himself will allow him to link his value perception to more facets of his character, making it more substantive.

How does this link in practice to the infatuation period? It simply will buy you more time. This alongside the level of your applied game (that is, how effective you are at actually employing these principles), will determine the impression you make on the hapless young (or older) lady. Generally speaking though, the more experienced you are in game, the more likelihood of you being able to take advantage of the infatuation period.

The infatuation period is simply the moment between you meeting her with the impression you make on her, & her meeting someone else who will do exactly the same. It doesn’t take long either. I consider myself now a near expert proponent of game. Generally speaking, my day game approaches will be able to get most women into an isolation level first date by standard. During certain phases, my game rises to levels where I can get women into bed by a second date, or even a first on occasion. But by no means does it mean I’m now immune to the attrition that can take place, even after you’ve slept with a girl.

Recently I spoke of a BustyAlbanian, with whom I’d gone through the usual process of meeting, slowly building up her perception of me & comfort with me, in order to get her to my place under the pretense of making her dinner or watching a film, before making my move to warm her up for the bedroom (or sofa, or kitchen table…ahem). All went perfectly to plan, with a total of three dates in total before sealing the deal. Due to a combination of working through my harem & deprioritising her so as to keep interest levels up with the others, I didn’t see her for a couple of weeks. Bear in mind, she is an attractive women & would be considered so by any red blooded man. To cut a long story short, I gave her an orgasm so hard she was dizzy afterwards the fourth time we slept together, had her talking about how hot her giving me a blowjob was the fifth time we saw each other, & her telling me only five days later that she had met someone else & wanted to give it a go with him, as she’s now ‘looking for a relationship’.

I actually don’t mind this at all. Although she was hot, this frees up time in my schedule for someone else. My somewhat obsessive nature with sex does get me into an overloaded position sometimes. Honestly, if she’d wanted to meet up this week I didn’t actually have time. And frankly speaking, I left it with a ‘best of luck’ & a ‘contact me if it doesn’t work out’. I’ve left the door open, because now knowing the local ‘market’ here (which importantly to note, is overloaded with men because it’s a finance city), whoever she’s dating is going to either be a wet flannel or a bastard who’ll she’ll have her fun with & eventually she’ll get angry with.

And in the case she doesn’t come back, do I really care? It was pretty clear from the beginning she wasn’t interested in anything serious & neither was I. She knew what she was getting herself into & here we are, at the logical conclusion.

The only other important thing to note, is to get the balance right between maintaining a certain level of attention & going overboard, as the latter simply results in you coming across as needy. That may have the opposite effect, whereby your lack of aloofness will will start to make you unattractively needy. A balance should be maintained, which is a good test of your own perception & intuition. If you fail, learn & improve.

Finally, it should also be noted that the desirability of a girl & the mediums to which she has availability of options should be considered. A clearly & generally considered attractive girl who puts herself as available on an attention whoring platform (such as Tinder or it’s peers), will be able to get laid with not an Alpha (the true Alpha’s are those who seem unassailable & genuinely rare), but some one dimensional steroid laden dickhead who will be constantly monitoring the app / website & immediately drop whatever he’s doing provide the grinding she desires. Having any goals in life which require real attention & a time commitment, while an fully commendable activity, will be detrimental to the infatuation period possibilities against one dimensional dickheads. You owe it firstly to yourself to use game as a self empowerment tool, to avoid becoming a desperate shadow of yourself as many of the single dimension men will ultimately become. Just understand clearly, that you may have to accept losing out sometimes, which you’ll discover through girls not messaging you back or flaking on you, or all the usual shit we have become accustomed to now.

~ Unjaded

A Generational Disaster (Pt.3)

Yovanna Ventura, best known for fucking… oh sorry, ‘being friends with’ Justin Beiber….

Continued from part two.

And finally we come to generation Y; the most recent & current generation of whom are the most technologically familiar, accustomed to it from birth. If you were wondering where the entire YouTube soap opera supposed counterculture was coming from, this is it: videos talking about what was said about another Youtuber by someone else (yes, somehow this became a career along with ‘Instagram Model’ at some point), routinely outperforming professionally produced content. An unstoppable, self absorbed gossip machine with the attention span of a caffeine high mosquito. A left wing domain, where along with the desperate attempts of some generation X to stay relevant, all attempts to express alternative viewpoints to the norm or challenges to someone to justify their viewpoint are dismissed in a flurry of personal attacks.

The concept of hiding your real self behind the protective curtain of the internet reaches it’s true extremes, where language is cranked up to it’s most offensive & normalised, that would otherwise be unspeakable in the real world. Unsubstantiated threats are made, without understanding the full possible, real world consequences should you underestimate who you are making them too. The entirety of one’s self esteem & peer validation are derived from their online presence, as entire lives are lived online, only venturing to participate in the real world when absolutely necessary to survive (e.g. work). Those who manage to create an existence where they can also earn online believe they have reached complete utopia, as they no longer have to participate in the shared, real world, instead living in their own alternative existence.

Yet this otherwise until now seemingly lost generation also have the greatest access to information from them all; almost to the point of saturation. They actively seek out information & can often disseminate information from disinformation quickly & efficiently. Should they wish, they have complete access to learn & become anything they want. They are the closest to the pulse of any generation to date.

In theory, this generation could dominate the world. But they fall foul to three major problems. Firstly, their misunderstanding of how true self worth can only be built through challenging oneself & learning from mistakes made in the process, instead of through ‘likes’ or whatever the equivalent is, leads them to a massive problem. A complete lack of resilience means they can often be entirely useless in the real world. A challenging work environment can often lead to them complaining about their workload or conditions, whereas in reality no generation has had it easier.

Equally, their social interaction in the real world is often verging on disastrous. Many of them can barely put together conversations online, & shrivel at the prospect of engaging any further with a person in a real world setting. From a male dating perspective, numerous people have commented independently to me on the complete inability of girls in their early twenties to even hold a conversation of any note. The impetus to improve oneself or engage a genuine interest has been replaced by documenting the moment for approval among peers later in the day.

Which brings us to the issue of ego. While this can be a problem for any of these generations, it becomes more so as we more to the most recent. The ego has completely consumed generation Y, & X to a less degree, where the need to demonstrate or more commonly falsify one’s success, wealth or sexuality has become the primary goal. Humility has completely disappeared, replaced by false empathy. The only reason for appearing to have interest in a cause or assisting another, is only how it will ultimately increase the perception by others of your own standing. The motivation is the net gain.

The immediacy of everything from birth means immediate gratification is expected, in the manner of the internet. The delay of gratification until something has been achieved as a reward mechanism is an unwanted concept, & it becomes evident in the lack of true experts. Whereas the true masters of their art once spent countless hours poring over their predecessors works before finally conceptualising & realising their own breakthroughs somewhere amid the chaos, now people proclaim themselves as experts, particularly in areas where a return on investment is difficult to measure. ‘Social media experts’ come from nowhere & take their place beside engineers & scientists who’ve studied for many years as equals; if not more valued as the brand perception is considered higher than all else. Suddenly, the immediacy seems to become more endemic throughout the company & short term reactionary actions are taken, instead of measured responses riding out the natural fluctuations of any market.

The hive mind has for the most part, taken over any real education on matters. Bite size quotes take the place of informed discourse & debate. While this has somehow decreased the mobilisation of genuine extremism in the real world (perhaps due to this generation being afraid of real life for the most part), there is no real depth to anything. To think this generation will one day inherit control of the earth is rather terrifying. While it could turn out well as a slew of left wing manifestos roll out across the developed world, there could be a series of unexpected shocks, such as what happened in Germany after they let a disproportionately large amount of refugees into the country all at once. While I’m a full supporter of controlled migration, it’s entirely possible that with generation Y in control of the developed world, we could see a collapse of sovereignty that we’ve already started to see today. And if that happens, who will be able to impose order again, while generation Y are busy taking selfies against the backdrop?

Lest I say, I am truly thankful to not be a teenager or man in my early twenties as a part of this generation. The validation culture has given every women, irrespective of her real worth, a hugely inflated perception of herself. Even women that would normally be classed as a five, now believe they are deserving of only the highest calibre of man. You see solid men, who while not exceptional themselves, are certainly in good quality shape & decent people; next to absolutely shockers of females. Either grossly overweight, not putting any decent amount of effort in to how they present themselves or if they do (or sometimes regardless), so stuck up their own ass I’m surprised they can even walk straight. The superficial culture again pervades into the bedroom, as every girl presenting herself as a sex kitten online, turns out to be appalling in bed. They’re more concerned with how they’re looking to the other person, rather than enjoying the moment. Sex becomes a battle of posturing & ticking off certain goals, rather than actually being an expression of love & passion. I’m sure it won’t be long before younger women delude themselves into thinking the duck face should be maintained while having sex, & they distract themself from possibly allowing themselves to enjoy it by posting a selfie during the act with the caption ‘currently getting #fucked by #sexy #man #sexkitten #lovethatdick #notawhorethough’. The funniest part is it’s probably the least sexual generation to date, which is indicative of it being the most joyless generation to dates. Very little seems to be done from the heart & instead comes from the ego.

And what happened to men?? Metrosexuality has been around since the nineties but only achieved a comparatively low level of being taken seriously & seemed to disappear. But now the typical guy has preened his style to the last detail; one wonders out of necessity due to the now wildly unrealistic expectations of the modern woman. The only men who have regular success with women now are the alpha males; you literally have approximately fifteen percent of the men fucking eighty percent of the women in my experience. And no matter how much you try, only a selected few can achieve that level. You’re out of luck if you’re missing any of: facial looks, body fitness, financial excess, sexual prowess, dull politically correct views on everything or friendly, cockish personality. Is it any surprise in the developed world cocaine use among young men is higher than ever? Steroid use is higher than ever? Depression is more common than ever? Suicide is higher than ever?

Art imitates life, then vice versa & back again. The apparent acceptance of the ttpical modern young men in his new impresario role; that is to intensely work on making himself as attractive as possible to the now choosing woman & little more, has even become apparent in art. Most popular male artists are commonly singing higher than their female counterparts these days. The typical, successful male pop singer now sings falsetto by default, while during a duet with a female she’ll be singing the lower parts; practically an aural acknowledgement to the nature of dating & mating today.

Everything you need to know about generation Y is visible at any sport or music event. Whereas I remember running around ferociously as a band thrashed away onstage, utterly absorbed in the moment awash with emotions, any picture of a gig taken from the angle of the crowd is now peppered with the unnatural glow of numerous phome screens taking pictures of it to later share on social media.

Celebrity by association equals apathy by association. Not everyone can be a celebrity. No matter how you may try to convince yourself otherwise, you are not that celebrity. That celebrity doesn’t care about you & most likely, doesn’t even know about you. They are totally oblivious to your existence & you are nothing more to them than a contributor towards a statistical figure in their sales or marketing department. The celebrity themself probably doesn’t even look at the numbers contributing towards that. That’s the job of his team. No matter what, you are nothing more to them than a sales unit.

So now we’ve cleared that up, what is the future for generation Y? Firstly, get your head out of your internet access devices & start living life for the benefit of yourself, rather than to display to others. Generally speaking, you are of very little substance; an ‘observer’ generation if you will. No doubt a few of you have graduated to become masters of the technical space & perhaps when your time comes to be the decision makers of the world, we will indeed be blessed with tremendous technological leaps & creative entertainment. But all of this will be in vain if the roads we use are crumbling, the roofs above our heads no longer shelter us as we sleep & the streets are overrun with crime. Much in the same way culture has shifted towards nothing being taboo since those of the war generation started to retire & disappear, we will again slowly reach another age. Perhaps one of apocalyptic fascist apathy, as the need to maintain, build & implement becomes lost in the noise of political correctness, perversion acceptance & lack of skill. It bothers me not, that I do not expect to bring new life into this world, such as is the sight of all societies collapsing at the inability of this most recent generation to rally their token disapproval into real action, to displace opportunistic, unskilled ingratiates.

And that brings us to the end. Of course, there are endless subcultures & alternative groups that might differ from my generalities I describe above, & of course there’ll always be exceptional individuals that buck the trend. And really, whatever generation they may be then more power to them – those people are likely our best hope of survival, if not prosperity.

~ Unjaded